Bad languages in morphology and phonology - A Critical Anaanalytical study


This study is concerned with the syntactic and phonetic phenomena which grammarians and linguists have described as "bad" dialects, despite the fact that they are standard according to Classical Arabic criteria. The importance of this research emanates from the fact that it reinforces many linguistic and vocal phenomena in standard dialects. The researcher divided this study into four sections, preceded by an introduction and a preface, and followed by a conclusion and a list of sources and references. The introduction covered the research plan, its importance, and the methodology followed. The preface addressed the influence of dialectal variations on the different structures of morphology, and the role of varieties in leading grammarians to describe the structure of such varieties as bad and weak. This paper is, therefore, developed in four sections: First, the longest and most complex part deals with bad

language as in verb usage. The second has addressed bad language in nouns. The third addressed bad language in terms of vowelization and lack thereof. Finally, the fourth section addressed the issue of over-saturation vowel movements in poor languages. The researcher followed a descriptive approach for eliciting the opinions of linguists and grammarians as to this morphological phenomenon, as well as for analyzing and discussing these phenomena critically and pragmatically.