The role of Saudi women in development: Women entrepreneurs in the Eastern Province as a model


This research is in the context of the sociology of development, a branch of sociology that derives its importance from helping to understand social transformations by examining its various interrelated factors. The aim of this study is to examine the contribution of Saudi women to the development process that has been taking place in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for decades. The study also sought to identify the manifestations of social and cultural transformations, resulting from the economic empowerment of women. In order to achieve this goal, the researcher studied the women entrepreneurs in the Eastern Region as a model in which she tried to extrapolate the experience of women in the developmental process. To this end, the researcher sought to identify the factors that help in the success of their enterprises and to identify the obstacles and difficulties that accompany women experiences. The researcher used field survey techniques. She relied on a refereed survey to introspect a sample of the research community for collecting quantitative data. She also sought after qualitative data from interviews with women entrepreneurs in the Eastern Region. The research led to general results confirming that the economic empowerment of women is commensurate with the pattern of development trends in the Saudi society. It is a cause of evolution, and at the same time, a consequence of this development.